Winners & nominees 12th IMGA

Story Warriors: Fairy Tales

12th IMGA

Nominated in
Excellence in StorytellingBest Meaningful Play
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    About Story Warriors: Fairy Tales

    Story Warriors: Fairy Tales is a highly inventive take on interactive stories and puzzles, where the words on the page come alive and interact allowing you to solve puzzles as you read along revealing a rich retelling of classic fairy tales.

    You embark on an journey with ‘Bella’ through the Fairy Tale Kingdoms of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and many more as she does battle with villains right there on the page!

    If Bella needs a Brave Knight to defeat her foes, tap on the words ‘Brave Knight’ and he will appear! If she needs a basket of food to take to her grandmother, tap on the words to conjure the required items and progress to the next chapter !

    Story Warriors: Fairy Tales is an engaging puzzle game, a fun interactive adventure and a fantastic new Fairy Story all woven into a single ingenious experience. Perfect as a puzzle adventure game in its own right or as a new and engaging way to read along with children.


    - NO In-App Purchases!
    - 43 unique levels across 5 stages.
    - Meet classic Fairy Tale villains and heroes
    - Totally unique gameplay that develops reading skills as words come alive on the page