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    About supertype

    supertype is a physics puzzler, where you have to write the solution. The letters behave like objects – 'l's falling like dominos, a 'y' being the ramp for a rolling 'o', an 'm' kicking the dot over an i.
    The game lets the player see letters with new eyes. They are not used as a symbol, they are used as they appear in our world.
    Every letter makes a different drum sound. This way, a self-generated jazz improvisation underlays the game. The style is reminiscent of old posters, especially jazz posters, with their experimental designs and typographic features.
    After the first level, you understand it, and from then on, you are able to solve bite-sized levels that get more and more complex through the game. While there is always one solution that works fine, and makes the level work like a rube-goldberg machine, there are possible other solutions. It’s designed in a frustration-free and playful way.