Winners & nominees 10th IMGA

Sushi Scramble

10th IMGA

Nominated in
Best Shared Experience in A GameBest Serious Game
Tigerface Games
United Kingdom
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    About Sushi Scramble

    Sushi Scramble is word-building fun for the whole family! This mathematical multiplayer quest is a fast-paced and unique game for two to four players and is ideally suited for kids ages 6-12. As players collect letters from circling sushi boats and build words to serve hungry customers, they learn phonics and spelling. In competitive mode, two to four players are challenged to create high-value words. In cooperative mode, players can work together to complete objectives, such as building five words using the letter Z, or making 25 words before time runs out. Sushi Scramble is part of the Fingerprint network of games for learning and play.