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Swan Song: Fantasy chronicles

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13th IMGA

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    About Swan Song: Fantasy chronicles

    Embark on a Magical Adventure! 

    Take flight on a mystical raven in this enchanting survival adventure! Lead your raven through a world filled with wicked challenges, puzzles and dangerous obstacles. Survive attacks from relentless enemies and engage in challenging boss battles in a dreamlike landscape that will surpass your wildest imagination.

    Fly over the peaks of mighty mountains or dive into the kingdom’s deepest seas. Collect gems as you explore every corner of each mysterious world. Dodge erupting volcanoes, gigantic sea creatures and lose yourself in the never-ending thrills of Swansong. 

    Fantastical Features: 

    • Fly on a mystical raven and explore magical worlds
    • Collect gems and rare items 
    • Solve complex puzzles
    • Defeat deadly bosses
    • Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world designed by Kiyoshi Arai (from Final Fantasy)
    • Play whenever you want on your smartphone or tablet

    Prepare for a magical voyage you’ll never forget.