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Swap Sword

Alec Thompson
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    About Swap Sword

    It’s Swap Sword! A knife-sharp puzzle battle from the creators of Stellar Smooch and Sunburn! Match gems and snatch up coins, but watch out for angry frogs!! In Swap Sword, you’ll need to out-smart and out-slice your enemies on a battlefield that changes with every step. It’s the right mix of tactics, spells, and match-3 madness. Will you be able to draw your sword before you draw your last breath?

    UNSHEATH YOUR WITS - Swap to kill, match to dispatch, but don’t get caught with your sword down.
    CAST AWAY FEAR - Build a custom arsenal of spells to defeat your monstrous opponents and march toward victory.
    TRAVEL THE WORLD - Journey through mines, valleys, and beyond — each space filled with unique features and clever opponents waiting to strike you down.
    REAP GOLDEN REWARDS - Collect treasure, amass points, and compare your score with friends.

    Swap Sword was created by AP Thomson and Diego Garcia.