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Seema Datar
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    About SwayBods

    Bubble monsters are sad and get delighted when they are swaying. Tap them to get them swaying!

    ... but then they dislike bumping into each other.

    Key Features:

    ● Innovative gameplay (inspired by pendulums)
    ● Fun, colorful and engaging graphics
    ● 100 hand crafted levels
    ● Levels with progressively increasing difficulty
    ● Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
    ● Ability to record, watch & share replays
    ● No ads
    ● Rewards in the form of virtual currency and other IAPs
    ● In App purchases not required to solve any of the levels but will help simplify them
    ● iCloud Support
    ● iPhoneX Support

    What makes my game unique?

    SwayBods is a puzzle game with a unique gameplay inspired by pendulums where the pendulum path is defined by an arc. It consists of 100 handcrafted puzzles. Be careful to not let the monsters dash against each other. In addition to this never seen before gameplay, the game also features a vibrant art style, which elegantly highlights the interactable parts of the screen while still looking colorful and interesting. SwayBods looks deceptively simple when you see someone else playing it :). It needs a combination of strategy, timing and reflex to play. Having a sense of rhythm is an added advantage!

    Why could my game win an award?

    SwayBods is game unlike any other game and has a unique and an original gameplay inspired by pendulums. In addition, it contains 100 handcrafted levels with progressively increasing levels of difficulty. The artwork is vibrant, colorful and at the same time comic too. The game takes the players through 4 different worlds with respective sound tracks. New mechanics/characters like "Spiky", "Cloudy Monsters" and more get introduced to cut the monotony of the game. Observing people playing SwayBods, the typical reaction is a smile when they see the monsters collide :), which is a pleasure. Having been created/conceptualized by a woman (and the art one being done by a woman too), I see women of all ages enjoying playing the game!