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Sync: Party Hard

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Siis Games
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    About Sync: Party Hard

    Sync: Party Hard is a unique puzzle game, which forces the players to bend both their minds & bodies. The players have to use their body movements to solve the puzzles, as well as their brain power. At the moment, the game has 40 levels including some basic mechanic-teaching levels, holograms, game-physics, and portals (More and different levels are on the way!).

    The game has been selected as the Game of the Day by Apple Editors in approximately 150 countries! Also, got featured "New Games We Love", "Weird Ways to Play", "Adventurous Puzzlers" and more lists in the App Store. Some more surprises are coming in the near future for Apple's side. The game also won "The Best Indie Game of GIST 2019" award and became a finalist for the Indie Prize 2019 London.

    Hercules is messed up… Turns out throwing a party with gods while his parents are away and tearing the whole universe apart was not a great idea in the end. Only you can help him to put the universe back together before Zeus comes back! Grab your device and sit tight. Because this puzzle game is not like any other. These puzzles will bend your body as much as your mind. Here is your invitation to ‘70s Olympus to push the limits of your body and mind. (You can watch the story from this link:

    What makes my game unique?

    This is a mobile game that you can't use your "touching abilities". You have to move, you have to rotate, you have to shake and you have to think. A mind and body bending puzzle game. On the road of adventure there will be holograms, portals, physic elements, planets, dragons and bunnies... And all of these things happens in 70's Olympus!!

    Why could my game win an award?

    We knew that there is no game with these controls & mechanics, but it was not enough to create a significant game. We tried to make it characterful as possible (Who makes an animated story for a mobile game?), tried to make many different levels & mechanics as much as possible, spent way too much time on optimizations, threw away anything we didn't like and created them again, and we think, we created a game that shouldn't exist in an era of mobile casual games.