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3rd IMGA

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Best Use of Flash Award
Mr. Sai Chung, Tam
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About Synchro

SYNCHRO is a game of endurance by means of synchronization. It's a multi-player mobile game with players communicate via Bluetooth. Facing towards the centre, where a ball is located, players are evenly distributed along the circle in virtual space. The same 2-tone beat is generated on all players' devices. Players are then urged to keep pace, i.e. SYNCHROnize, with the beat by pressing the left and right keys alternatively. Whoever makes the best / closest match, i.e. SYNCHRO, will gain the strongest attractive force, thereby dragging the ball toward him/herself. The strength of the attractive force depends only on the SYNCHRO but not on the distance from the ball. Whoever finally 'homes' the ball (drags it right before oneself) will be the winner.