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13th IMGA

Alexey Sazonov
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About Tacticool

Get ready for an absolutely new fast-paced session-based shooter that brings MORE FUN, MORE MADNESS AND FLYING CARS THAN EVER BEFORE. Compete with other players in a 5vs5 short game sessions. Work out the best strategy by using your brains, hands and the laws of physics to watch your enemies die! Climb the leaderboard proving that your skills really matter.

- Realistic physics awaits! You can blow up cars, your opponents, your surroundings and pretty much everything (including yourself)!

- You have only 1 MINUTE to eliminate your enemies in a 5vs5 battle.

- Three different game modes: Deathmatch, Bomb defusing and Prison Break.

- Drive cars and run over your opponents!

- Pick up a gun to your liking! Choose between more than 40 different types of weapon.

- Get new perks and skills by reaching new levels.

- Stand out from the crowd by completing daily tasks and getting unique character and weapon skins.


- Fair matchmaking system allows players to compete within their own level group. No “overgrown” opponents!

What makes my game unique?

Well... it's free, it's fair and made solely for our players' pure enjoyment and fun.

We combine realistic physics and cars with shooter mechanics, which means everyone can win by simply running over their opponents or using their brains and setting simple traps with falling objects.

The only two things that matter are your skills and your wits.