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Tap and Switch – Puzzle Game

Yoga Pralista
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    About Tap and Switch – Puzzle Game

    Tap and Switch is a puzzle game which introduces you to a brand new puzzle mechanism. When you tap a tile, that tile and all adjacent ones will switch color. By using this procedure, the goal of this game is then to match the pattern of the tiles to the target pattern. See if you can solve the puzzles in the least number of moves!

    What makes my game unique?

    Tap and Switch is fun, simple, and addicting. With a brand new mechanism, Tap and Switch brings you a new experience. With 200+ puzzles to solve, this simple and easy-to-play game is a perfect companion to kill time and get rid of boredom. The cool electric music of Tap and Switch will also enhance your puzzle-solving experience.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Tap and Switch is a brand new puzzle game, it brings a new experience on puzzle-solving. It has a nice concept and easy-to-play, everyone will love it.