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Samantha Gorman
United States
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    About Tendar

    A long-form AR app with weeks of content that blends AR and mobile vision technologies. Hours of narrative content as Guppy evolves over multiple play sessions from a non-verbal Guppy to your personal pet/friend who questions his role at Tendar and his place in the world in general.

    Tendar takes you on a wild, hilarious, and sometimes weird AR journey hosted by a cute, sentient AI Guppy that loves shoes and the taste of human emotions.

    Congrats you've been selected as a Tendar Beta Tester! Your selfies will help train our state of the art neural network, based on a literal fish brain, to recognize the people and things that make up our world! Activate the Tendar app and watch as your phone becomes a fish tank, and your personal pet AI Guppy swims into view.

    Your new friend is very curious to learn about the human world's most perplexing mysteries. Guppy will read your emotions to provide you with a custom fortune that you can share with friends. But don't forget to feed your Guppy! Their appetite for human emotion flakes is insatiable. You'll love watching Guppy's personality form as they digest your feelings. Watch your Guppy grow, and learn about deepest, darkest secrets. Take your AI Guppy on adventures to recognize objects in your world and expand their collection of human artifacts. But, be careful! Like you, Guppy has good days and terrible days, and sentience might be the origin of a crisis from which no one can return.