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Jason Facus
United Kingdom
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    About TENS!

    TENS! is a dice based puzzle game brought to you by a team of UK indie developers, led by David Darling (original co-founder of Codemasters).
    TENS! is a simple but incredibly addictive puzzle game, brought to you by the team behind many hit games, including David Darling CBE (co-founder of Codemasters).
    The aim of the game is to drop different shapes made up of dice onto a grid, and to position them such that they form rows or columns which add up to ten. Bonus points are achieved by scoring multiple simultaneous TENS.
    It has been downloaded over 1.8m times to date.

    What makes my game unique?

    TENS! is a cross between Sudoku and match 3 games and is fiendishly addictive! Players of all ages enjoy it - young to old.

    Why could my game win an award?

    TENS! is a unique take on the puzzle genre. Millions of players have enjoyed playing it so far, and have left it glowing reviews.