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Test Chamber

12th IMGA

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Excellence in Innovation
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    About Test Chamber

    Test Chamber is a stylish, difficult, and not-quite-euclidean puzzle game.
    The world-wrapping mechanics of the world of Test Chamber create unique and devious puzzles that will challenge even the most skilled players.

    Guide our cube-headed hero through a mind-bending world, with levels designed to challenge your ideas of space. Discover a portal to the mysterious Warp Zone, and reveal the truth behind the Dark Stranger.

    - Crafty puzzles.
    - Bridge construction.
    - Face-palm moments.
    - Forcefields.
    - Puzzles of unfair difficulty.
    - Damsels in distress.
    - Mysterious antagonists.
    - Trustworthy eye-patch wearing characters.
    - Tongue-in-cheek existentialism.

    What makes my game unique?

    Test Chamber is unique in that it is a highly accessible non-euclidean (wrapping) world. Non-euclidean geometries are usually the domain of mathematicians, but through the lens of Test Chamber's minimalist and puerile puzzles, anyone can experience the rare wonder of comprehending a universe fundamentally different to our own.

    Why could my game win an award?

    I think Test Chamber will win in the category of 'Excellence in Innovation', for it's novel mechanics, and it's unique take on gamification. Test Chamber takes what is typically thought of as a heady, academic subject; and transforms it into an inviting, challenging, and addictive experience. Games are breaking the barriers of modern education; and Test Chamber's unique combination of accessibility and subject matter is at the cutting edge of this trend.