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Tetragon: Unknown Planes

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15th IMGA

Alexandre Chaves
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About Tetragon: Unknown Planes

Solving puzzles to create the right path for Lucios to continue his search on Tetragon will be your goal in this journey. Using the power of Tetragem, Lucios is able to move the ground, pushing towers to create platforms and stairs to reach higher places. When interacting with the Rotation Totens (hotspots around the level), the world will spin and so will your mind. The challenge comes when you have to combine these two mindsets - rotate the world, and move towers - to create your own solution for the puzzle.

What makes my game unique?

Tetragon is an immersive experience that combines story and gameplay in a unique way. The spinning & drag gameplay gives the player power to modify the world of Tetragon. The gravity rotation mechanic allied with the level manipulation mechanic creates challenging situations that teach the player new mindsets of puzzle solving. Tetragon is meaningful, it is a game made by people whose desire is to create beautiful and artistic pieces of entertainment, it is a paternal story about the love of a dad for his son.

Why could my game win an award?

The mobile game market is crowded with generic puzzle games. It's hard to find something that satisfies the desire of playing a good game, something that goes beyond the "spending time" mindset. Tetragon is a polished experience, with unique gameplay and controls, beautiful aesthetics and an immersive atmosphere that gives the player great puzzle challenges and a deep story to emerge!