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The Arcslinger

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13th IMGA

Big Red Button Entertainment
United States
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    About The Arcslinger

    The Arcslinger is a virtual reality 1st-person shooter for Daydream, and available on the Google Play Store! Developed by Big Red Button Entertainment and published by Google, The Arcslinger takes players to an alternate universe on a lone planet where technology meets the old west. Above the planet hovers a cosmic ring called "The Arc," which has rained down bits of alien technology onto the planet over the ages. The inhabitants of the planet, including yourself, have learned to release the wondrous powers contained within the technology by fastening them to their weapons and "slinging" them. Utilizing the Daydream controller, you will become a master gunslinger as you collect numerous forms of technology in your pursuit of stopping Gold Smoke and his crew.

    When the world is in danger, the people turn to a hero. Entrusted with the mythical gun Angelheart, you must take down the villainous Gold Smoke and his dastardly gang. Do you have what it takes to become The Arcslinger?

    - An original story and universe exclusively on Daydream
    - Discover dozens of Arcs and sling them to unleash incredible powers
    - 15 levels of first-person shooter VR fun
    - Become a master gunslinger as you fight your way through a rogue-like experience
    - Featuring the voice talents of Nolan North, Jessica DiCicco, Roger Craig Smith, and Jason Spisak.