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The Band Quest

2nd IMGA

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About The Band Quest

You’re Joe, the leader of a jolly good band. Tonight is your next show, but your band mates have been lost in town! Some are in real trouble, and won’t get out without your help. Your job is to find them before 10pm, in order to play the concert. But watch out! Your supporting act, being jealous of your headliner status, will try to prevent you from succeeding. You may encounter further trouble on your quest, like police patrols, psycho fans, puritan 12-tone street mu- sicians and other dangers. You will face various puzzles and stunts while trying to find and - if necessary - free your fellows. After a successful concert you travel to the next town (i.e. the next level). Unfortunately your hopeless band mates get themselves into trouble again, and you’ll have to fight through a couple more towns, which keep getting more difficult.