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The Butterfly’s Dream

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15th IMGA

Yang Liu
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    About The Butterfly’s Dream

    The Butterfly's Dream is a relaxing adventure game with creative puzzles and beautiful landscapes. The story is about going on a journey with Mei to find her lost sister Jie, and to find the protagonist's memories. We hope to bring you an immersive experience with a taste of traditional East Asian visual arts, music, and culture. Key features: - A peaceful and relaxing puzzle adventure experience - Intriguing puzzles inspired by ancient culture, such as go game, abacus, and tangram - Experimental designs to engage you in interesting interactions: shouting, rotating, and more - Delicate scenes based on an in-depth research about ancient gardening, furniture, and architecture - Atmospheric soundtrack adapted from ancient songs

    What makes my game unique?

    We crafted our game with the spirit to explore new gaming experiences by utilizing the unique features of mobile devices, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, and microphone. The outcome is a variety of intriguing puzzles that are embedded into an immersive story-based adventure, with well polished visual and audio presentation. For example, you can paint with ink in a 360-degree scene of mountains and cloud sea, supported by the gyroscope.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Thanks to our unique puzzle adventure with some new mobile gaming experiences, we have received many emails from our players across the world expressing their gratitude. Some had a good time solving the puzzles together with their family, some got inspired by our artwork and rekindled their love for painting, and some desired to have a trip to the east Asian because they love the cultural atmosphere we created. That’s what we want (after years of hard work...): a good time for everyone with joy and ‘aha’ moments!