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The Last Ninja Twins

12th IMGA

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Excellence in Gameplay
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    About The Last Ninja Twins

    Simultaneously control the  two running ninja twins through hazardous challenging levels in beautiful surroundings.


    A nerve-racking twin turboed game requiring asynchronous ninja thumb precision, laser focused eye sight and extraordinary brain-to-hand signal processing capacity. Double the trouble. Double the fun!


    Run the ninja twins through beautiful and hazardous challenging levels. Remember that when running with razor sharp swords, every mistake may be your last...


    Simple gameplay - press the right half of the screen for the first ninja to jump, and the left half to make the second ninja jump.


    The game will challenge your reaction, multitasking abilities and frustration tolerance to a completely new level! Complete levels to unlock new and even harder ones, or strive for the achievements if you are looking for the ultimate challenge.


    Agens Games is located in Oslo, Norway and has developed digital games since 2005. We are developing games for both external brands and our own IP's, focusing on handheld platforms.


    What makes my game unique?

    The Last Ninja Twins is an beautifully handcrafted double runner, guaranteed to entertain you, increase your simultaneous capacity and push your frustration level to new heights.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Because two ninjas are better than one ninja! Double the trouble. Double the fun!