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The Rabbit Hole

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About The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is the place where go to enter a new world, a world full of adventures, mysteries and challenges. The Virtual Reality has enabled us to create very immersive environment, and many studios are doing that, but few of them have looked at the narrative of this experiences and deeper gameplay mechanics. In this Escape the Room experience you will really need to solve puzzles, that defies you logic and challenge you. It is not only about being scared, it is about to create an environment that makes you feel terror, that makes you heart speed up and to immerse you in a world that you need to escape as fast as you can.
The game is also an episodic game, we have just finished the game design for the next level, and as the game continues you will see yourself far down on the Rabbit Hole facing challenges that will put your mind in check, unfolding a mind blowing story.

The Rabbit Hole is a VR escape the room horror adventure puzzle game inspired by Alice in Wonderland for the Mobile Gear VR platform.

About This Game

Solve puzzles to find your way out of the room before it is too late - Something lurks deep in the shadows. Welcome to a place where everything you ever imagined can be true, even your worst nightmare.

The Rabbit Hole is an immersive, intense and mind-bending game built for Virtual Reality.

The Rabbit Hole is an episodic game that will be further explored with more levels and content down the road, this version contains the first game level called "The Old Room", which contains;

❏ A Dark Environment Built With Unreal 4
❏ Live an Escape the Room experience in Virtual Reality
❏ Room exploration with collectibles and logical thinking to find the way out
❏ The Room evolves and get darker and darker as you push forward, experience The Old Room in three different layouts: Night, Day and Nightmare.
❏ Change your size with cakes and potions mechanics to find and explore new places.
❏ More than 5 unique puzzles challenges
❏ Incredible virtual sound effects

What makes my game unique?

The Rabbit Hole is not a jump scare game, it is a true tribute to great puzzle horror games. Apart of having an amazing environment, the game challenges your logic through several hard puzzles and explore a very mysterious room where strange things happen. The mechanics of this game are also a big feature. Apart from moving and interacting with the environment you can use items that will make you change your size, just like Alice in Wonderland, In the last update (to be approved by the Stores) we also have released two locomotion options, one that is a free roam and another with teleport, in order to make it suitable for people with more sensibility to cyber sickness.

Why could my game win an award?

Because it is a game made by gamers for gamers with passion for challenges. We combine a very dark environment with the Virtual Reality technology to create a horror atmosphere and really immerse the player on a new world. We used a lot of different mechanics to make possible for players to play the game without too many instructions, leaving them to discover and explore the environment around them. The Rabbit Hole is not only a walking through experience, you must interact with many puzzles and use logical thinking to progress on the game. Our gameplay was well detailed and defined, and as an episodic game several new levels will unfold a great story and unlock many challenges. We pushed the hardware at most, using Unreal Engine, and created a very detailed environment with great materials, using the Physics Based Shader that U4 has. The sound was one of the features that we took great time to make it perfect to a VR experience. Several times you can perceive things happening around you just by the sound, as steps and laughing, and the increasing heartbeat will warn you that you are running out of time. If you never tried a VR Game, you should try The Rabbit Hole, and understand how deep and challenge a true game experience can be.