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This War of Mine

12th IMGA

Winner of
Best Meaningful Play
11 bit studios
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    About This War of Mine

    This War Of Mine provides an experience of war seen from an entirely new angle. For the very first time you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. During the day snipers outside stop you from leaving your refuge, so you need to focus on maintaining your hideout. At night you get a chance to scavenge nearby locations for items that will help you stay alive.

    Make life-and-death decisions driven by your conscience. Try to protect everybody from your shelter or sacrifice some of them to endure the hardships. During war, there are no good or bad decisions; there is only survival. The sooner you realize that, the better.

    What makes my game unique?

    This War of Mine shows war from an angle that games never did so far - it's the perspective of civilians. By joining non-linear storytelling with heavy moral choices and an environment in which player is the only moral judge of herself / himself, the game evokes emotions that have been reserved so far for different forms of art.

    Why could my game win an award?

    This War of Mine proves is a perfect example that games grew up to offer mature experiences for mature audience. And as a serious experience about war, showing sacrificion and the cost of staying true to one's moral fibre, rather than violence and gore, it becomes an anti-war manifest. Is it worth the Grand Prix? Let the Jury Members decide.