Winners & nominees 11th IMGA

Tower Slash

11th IMGA

Nominated in
Best Upcoming Game
João Vasco Costa
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About Tower Slash

Tower Slash is a casual action pixelart game that uses challenging swipe mechanics. In a retro style environment, you must take the challenge of climbing the Everlasting Tower.

This mystic tower has no door nor window. Only a special kind of runner, fast enough to break the chains of Gravity, can climb it. But that will not be enough! He must deal with other tower runners, as well as face monstrous creatures that roam the skies. This game tests your finger reflexes, as every enemy requires you to swipe to a specific direction.

One mistake means defeat!

Features :

- One finger controls
- Colorful retro graphics
- Game Leaderboard and Achievements
- Unlockable player characters