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    About Trivy

    Trivy is the best game for you! Learn more about science, religion, sports, music, movies, geography, and animals, when playing Trivy.

    There are different game modes to choose from, you can play photo quiz, where you answer questions based on photos, or basic quiz, based on nine different categories, or you play, true or false quiz games, you can also play song quiz, where you pick the right answers based on songs played to you, all these options are in one game.

    No need to start downloading Bible quiz, song quiz games and all separately. Trivy got you covered, Trivy will give you all these games in one game!

    Earn points, by playing more games to unlock different levels, the more you play and get the right questions, the more you earn points, to unlock levels. Compete with friends by reaching higher levels, and getting high points!


    -Nine quiz categories to choose, ranging from Religion, Music, Movies, Geography, Science, Animals, Sports, Language, or just play random category.

    -Play photo quiz, true or false quiz, song quiz, or normal quiz

    -Learn something new everyday

    -Easy and simple to play

    What makes my game unique?

    My game is unique because, there has not been anyone like it before, it's the first of its kind, and brings a fresh new direction and innovation regarding the genre of my game.

    Why could my game win an award?

    I feel my game should win because it's innovative, fun, entertaining, and educating at the same time, it also brings that space for healthy competition.