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Wanderlust Travel Stories

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    About Wanderlust Travel Stories

    Wanderlust is a text-based narrative game inspired by real-life travels. Step into the shoes of modern travelers, explore their desires, hopes and fears, and decide how their stories will unfold. Let the journey change you. You don't have to rush. You don't have to fight. This is your journey and you decide the pace of your adventure. Shape EMOTIONAL STORIES driven by hope and curiosity, the search for love or the need to deal with grief. Create a PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE. Be careful to manage your stress and fatigue as your mood will change the way you see the world. IMMERSE YOURSELF in travels. Explore places you might never see and examine your feelings toward the places you know. Enter a PLAYABLE DOCUMENTARY. With its unique mix of slice-of-life and journalism, illustrated with bespoke photographs, Wanderlust offers a fresh look at your notions about the world. Welcome to SLOW GAMING. Relax to the calming original soundtrack and give yourself space to think and feel.
    WANDERLUST TRAVEL STORIES is a unique mix of journalism and slice of life storytelling created by a team of travelers, journalists, artists, and game writers. Confront ideas both contemporary and timeless: from the melting glaciers in Antarctica, to the universal search for the meaning of life.

    Give yourself space to think and feel.

    Take a fresh look at your notions about the world.

    Observe how the journey changes you.


    What makes my game unique?

    Wanderlust Travel Stories is a game about travels in the real world, inspired by the journeys of its creators. Co-written by journalists and novelists, all longtime travellers, it's a unique mix of literature and gaming. The game is a text-based adventure set in meticulously researched locations, from Spain to Thailand to Rwanda, and even to Antarctica, illustrated with beautiful bespoke photography and an original soundtrack. Wanderlust Travel Stories has been critically praised for its immersive quality, named „a text-based VR” by the Kaleidoscope magazine, as well as covered by Vouge Poland, National Geographic Traveller and other non-gaming media. The stories featured in Wanderlust subly adapt to player choices, taking into account the mood or tiredness of the protagonists. There are up to 9 variants of most scenes, which present the same situation from a different perspective – reflecting the real world, where we can see a place or a person in a different light when we're annoyed or tired. Wanderlust represents the newly forming trend of Slow Gaming, which values thinking and feeling over adrenaline-fueled action. It's a game that has no fail states and lets the player decide the pace of the adventure. It's contemplative and touches upon such subjects as curiosity, love, grief or longing. Contrary to most games, the players aren't changing the world around their characters. It's the protagonists who change. Faced with numerous choices, the players can respond in accordance with their beliefs or experiences. This will result in changing the world view of the protagonist, making Wanderlust Travel Stories as much about the inner journey as it is about travelling around the world.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Critically acclaimed and covered by nearly all the major mainstream media in its country of origin, Poland, from National Geographic to Vogue to newspapers to TV, Wanderlust Travel Stories is ready to go and wander the wide world. It's a game that dares to be different: a collection of life-inspired travel stories that adapt to your choices. Written by experienced travellers – game designers, journalists, writers – it's a playable adventure novel so immersive that it was labeled a "text-based VR" by the Kaleidoscope magazine. Set in such fascinating locations as the Easter Island, Congo, Rwanda, Thailand, Spain, and even Antarctica, and illustrated with beautiful bespoke photography, Wanderlust Travel Stories brings you closer to places you might never see and challenges your notions about the places you know. It gives you space to think and feel, and lets you relax to a calming original soundtrack created by four composers – each writing for one of the game's main characters. Wanderlust Travel Stories is the epitome of Slow Gaming, a trend that values thinking and deeper emotions over a simple adrenaline rush. You don't need to hurry. You don't need to fight. By making choices for the protagonists, you change the way they perceive the world. It's a journey shaped by your natural reactions when confronted with the richness of real world cultures. A journey that you make your own.