Winners & nominees 13th IMGA


13th IMGA

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Best VR Game
Multivrses AB
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    About Wands

    Action Packed Magic Duels - Competitive Gameplay - Spectacular Battle Arenas - Powerful Spells - Strategic Wand Loadout - Spectator Support.

    Take on the role as a mysterious Wielder in an alternate 1880's London. Equip your wand with a wide variety of spells and battle other Wielders for fame, power and glory in the fantastic realms of The Beyond. Explore new spells and practice your skills in your secret workshop in between battles. WANDS® is a first person fully mobile VR experience that offers fast paced magic duels against other players online. Progress and unlock new spells by winning battles and choose your own strategy to defeat your opponents. Use the spectator feature to watch others battle in real time.

    “Everything about the user experience bears the aura of refinement.” - Huffington Post
    “Brilliantly done with an immersive context.” - Twisted Reality