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Wild West: Idle Tycoon – Tap Clicker Game

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Charis Papaevangelou
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    About Wild West: Idle Tycoon – Tap Clicker Game

    A casual idle game inspired by the wondrous Wild West and the rush for colossal profits! Wild West Saga is a free-to-play idle game that was soft launched in January 2018 and fully released in August 2018!

    Players are invited to a journey through the Wild West, where they can explore up to 300 Frontier Towns and grow up to 20 different
    businesses! Of course, they won’t be traversing alone in this journey; they can hire willing Outlaws to assist them in making a fortune, even when offline.

    Also, players can complete Heroic Deeds while building their empire that reward them with Gold coins, necessary to purchase various boosters and other commodities! What is more, players can collect Patent Cards, which boost their businesses’ profits and productivity rate. There are hundreds of Cards and vary in rarity, as well as, potency!

    The key to this adventure is to keep everything in apple pie order!

    Wild West Saga was developed and published by Tamasenco, a Greek indie studio based in Athens.
    WWS is currently available on: Google Play, App Store, Facebook, Steam, Kongregate, and Amazon.