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Wings of Fire

11th IMGA

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Best Upcoming Game
Dreamworld Engineers
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    About Wings of Fire

    Wings of Fire is an arcade flight game. You take a role of a pilot fighting against Japanese forces at the Pacific Ocean during World War II. Bomb their islands, engage them in dogfights, sink their vessels!

    The game setting was inspired by another game - Wings of Fury (1987). Being a tribute to its predecessor, Wings of Fire was designed with desire to recall and enhanced that retro arcade awesomeness of the quarter-century old shooter. After year of development by single person it finally gets ready to be released.

    There is a LITE version of Wings of Fire in App Store and Google Play. Full version will become available in early 2015. LITE version currently offers one single-player mission. Full game features:

    * History-based single player campaign
    * First game to let you use Samsung Gear and DICE+ as a controller
    * Customizable planes, unlockable content
    * Cooperative multiplayer mode - to be added after initial release.
    * Dogfight multiplayer mode - to be added after initial release.