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Word Forward

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16th IMGA

Rocketship Park
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    About Word Forward

    Word Forward is the word puzzle game where every choice matters.

    Can you use all of the letters in the 5x5 grid to make words disappear and clear the board? Word Forward isn’t about spelling the longest words or the most clever - it’s about carefully using every tile to declare victory in 500 puzzles. It requires cunning and strategy -- Word Forward is a brain teaser that will really make you think!

    What makes my game unique?

    Word Forward isn't a game about words, so much as it's a puzzle game about strategy and elimination. In a genre crowded with titles that are about spelling the longest words or mixing letters to score points, Word Forward tasks players with creating words that will eliminate all 25 letter tiles on the board. Word Forward is a game that takes careful consideration and forethought, and in doing so, sets itself apart from the majority of word games you'll find on mobile devices today.

    Why could my game win an award?

    The IMGAs are renowned for recognizing innovative design and creative gameplay, and we believe Word Forward firmly checks both of those boxes. Puzzle games like Mekorama and Blek have represented high watermarks in game design and were accordingly acknowledged by the IMGA jury in years passed. At a time when premium puzzle games are becoming the exception rather than the rule, we firmly believe that Word Forward represents the very best that the genre had to offer in 2019.