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World Zombination

12th IMGA

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Best Multiplayer Game
United States
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    About World Zombination

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    App Store Editors' Notes:

    The zombie apocalypse is rarely this gorgeous--or so wickedly fun to play. Choose a side, then attack humans or repel zombies in electrifying rounds of tower offense and defense. With scores of units onscreen at once (ax-wielding firemen, acid-spewing undead, and many other types), you'll need smart tactics and troop placement to come out on top. World Zombination's winning formula blends a light-hearted, cartoonish style with generous gameplay options: you can tackle dozens of single-player missions, battle other people online, and even join guilds for group conquest. 


    What makes my game unique?

    We wanted to deliver the best visual experience on mobile that we could, by smoothly delivering hundreds of independent units on screen at a time, so we wrote our own custom physics, AI, and animation systems to do so. We take advantage of multiple processors, so the physics and AI are computed on a separate processor, giving us roughly twice the processing power of typical mobile games. Many of the tools we created in the development of World Zombination are available for free on our Dropbox or Github. Just ask!

    Why could my game win an award?

    World Zombination's fans and players are extremely loyal. We've involved our community through Twitch, forums, Twitter, and Google Groups from early on in development, and they truly shaped the game through beta, release, and many updates (controversial and not). This contributed to formation of some truly amazing Guilds who have surpassed our expectations in every way. The in-game community keeps World Zombination going as a game that you can play every day, regardless of finishing the campaign mode. We created the game we wanted to play, with high quality character design, many different play styles, humor, and social interaction. With World Zombination as Proletariat's first title, we hope to keep delivering polished, FUN experiences to our players for a long time to come.