Winners & nominees 12th IMGA

Wuwu & Co. – A magical picture book

12th IMGA

Nominated in
Excellence in InnovationBest Meaningful PlayExcellence in Audio Visual Art & Design
Tim, Kamila, Merete, Aksel and Andre
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    About Wuwu & Co. – A magical picture book

    Wuwu & Co. is an award winning, interactive children's book that offers you a magical way of experiencing the story.

    Wuwu & Co. is a premium app with no ads or in-app purchases. This is handmade digital Danish design.

    "It is the coldest winter in two thousand years. Wuwu and her friends in the forest have come to the Little Red House, to ask for your help ... " Thus starts the story of the five friendly creatures from the forest. Read the rest by yourself or have it read aloud.

    "a magical picture book full of wintry Nordic fairytales"
    - BoingBoing (App of the week Sept. 2015)

    "Ready for something completely different?"
    - Children's Tech Review (Editor's Choice Award 2015)

    "A delightful excursion into a magical land of hand-drawn doodles"
    - Danish Game Awards 2015 (Best Original Language Game)

    "Wuwu & Co. lets children take control of the story and explore both the inside and outside of the game world.”
    - Nordic Game Awards 2015 (Best Nordic Children's Game)

    "Particularly innovative and engaging"
    - 5/5 - Madhouse Family Reviews

    “Sets completely new standards for Children's digital literature”
    - 6/6 - Jyllands-Posten

    "Nothing has been made like this before, everything will be like this in the future"
    - 20/20 -

    - SHOUT to wake up Everett’s siblings from their long slumber
    - USE the camera to light up Storm's snow lanterns
    - SHAKE your device to get the snow of the big pinecone tree to help Thit Maya
    - FIND Pruney’s lost items in the forest, to get him through the cold winter
    - HELP Wuwu get the fish back to her fishing place, so she can eat again.

    You can read or listen to the story about Wuwu and her friends when your device is lying down like a book, but when it is held upright it suddenly becomes a magical window into the fantastic forest where stories unfold. Here you can experience the fabulously illustrated world, while you are using your device in various ways to help Wuwu's friends.