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Zirzamine khane mafiaee

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16th IMGA

Mohammadali Abedinifar
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About Zirzamine khane mafiaee

The Basement of the mafia house is an adventure game. In this section, "ye qoori" finds out that the pumpkin has stolen a farmer's old man and made his tricycle a teaser plant. So he helps to find him and find his pumpkin but is stolen by anonymous people and thrown into the basement of the mafia house.

Remember to make the final stage of your choice as you choose.

You need to install adobe air on your phone or tablet to run the game.

We also recommend playing the "30qoori" game and challenging your curiosity and iQuery.

What makes my game unique?

Feel good adventure in a mysterious adventure game

Why could my game win an award?

Because my game represents a creative student work that can at the same time attract the audience and become well-developed and popular in the near future.