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Zombie Blast Crew

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16th IMGA

Vivid Games
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    About Zombie Blast Crew

    Zombie Blast Crew is taking the players to the low poly USA, 11 months after the zombie infection started. You play as the survivor one of the few fighters who left to defend the city from the zombie invasion. Each mission is a new challenge for your crew, you will have to: pick up the supplies, gather the fuel or just survive the zombie horde. Your ultimate goal will still remain the same: push the zombies back from your town.

    Adapt your approach based on enemies. The town is full of different types of zombies: special zombies may rush your position, some of them may just shoot you or threw the Molotov at you. It is up to you how you deal with them. In Zombie Blast Crew players can pick wide variety of characters to suits their style the most. Want some close combat fights? Choose the one with the flamethrower. Scared of the close quarters? No problem! the assault rifle will come in handy and eliminate all the threats from a safe distance. The same goes for survivors’ gear, polish your build to survive in a quarantined city full of zombies.

    After completing challenging campaign mode there is still more to do! Enter the Events mode and compete with players around the world. Right now there are 3 different modes available: Killing Fest, Challange Rush, and Horde. Each one of them is offering slightly additional game experience, everyone will find their favorite mode for sure!