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Zort – Have fun with this milliseconds puzzle

Cristiano Monteiro
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    About Zort – Have fun with this milliseconds puzzle

    Zort taps into the old computer science quest for the perfect sorting algorithm, in Zort's case the algorithm is the player, running against the clock to sort the bars as quickly as possible and beat themselves and other players in Global Hall of Fame!
    You will solve this puzzle, no doubt about that. The question is, how fast you will do it and how many movements will be wasted? How will you compare against others around the world in the hall of fame scoreboard? Zort is a fast paced, plan ahead, milliseconds timed puzzle. The objective is to put back, in ascending size sequence, a series of 12 bars. Press the green flag button, the bars will be shuffled and timer starts. Click any two bars and they will swap place. Attention: Red bars are frozen, can't be clicked or swapped. Every movement a new bar is selected to be frozen.

    What makes my game unique?

    THIS GAME IS UNIQUE! There's no similar to this at store. It is fast, its competitive, you're expected to play it multiple times to beat your own and other people time. Simple, yet elegant interface. No frills. Just pure, raw, puzzle game play.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Focused on uniqueness, fast, competitive game play, instead of eye candy. It's a true brain booster, forcing you to think two, three steps ahead in order to beat yourself or other people time. A bit of luck is involved, but game is more about strategy and fast, precise fingers.