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1st IMGA

The 1ST IMGA took place in 2004.

Here are all the games awarded that year. 

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Grand Prix



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Extreme Air Snowboarding


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Max Octane

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Pet Fight 3D


Farmer of the Month

Taking the Field


Summer City

Starfighters Mercenaries

Titans Inc.

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Eric Boom

Behind the Scenes of the 1st IMGA

In 2004, with the mobile games market slowly but surely growing up, it was relevant trying to create an event focused on them and reward the best games and developers.

 Initially the idea came from the French division of Discreet who initiated the First International 3D Mobile Gaming Competition on 3 February 2004 in Monte Carlo at the IMAGINA festival. Vincent Berge who worked for Discreet in Paris managed to get Nokia, Orange, In-Fusio, Fathammer, IBM, Intel, Criterion and Ideaworks3D to back the project. The intention of Discreet was to push “3D Mobile Game Development” and of course, by doing so, sell tons of their 3DS Max and character studio software to a new generation of 3D mobile game developers.

One of our clients, a urban development agency called Euroméditerranée based in Marseille asked us if it was a good idea for them to join the initiative as a sponsor. “It will put you in the spotlight of a new and fast-growing industry. You will be able to reach out to development studios and perhaps one of them will be interested in setting up shop in the south of France”, we said. “Moreover, you will most likely be establishing relationships with the other sponsors”.

Unfortunately, later that year Discreet got acquired by Autodesk who decided to close the French office, thus the competition. The latter losing its main driver was intended to shut down but Maarten Noyons, NCC Partners CEO who was already working on the project with Discreet decided to take over the event. Therefore the 2004 event was not called IMGA.

He named it the IMGA in the course of 2005 and here we are today !

 85 games submitted.

It was not named IMGA that year, only one year later even though it was the very first step towards a worldwide event.

Winner: BURT by Exkee

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