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2nd IMGA

The 2ND IMGA took place in 2005. 

Here are all the games awarded that year.

Winners and nominees

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Grand Prix

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AR Tennis

Excellence in Gameplay

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Monkey Pole Climb

Best Artwork Prize

3D World Warriors

Achievement Award

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AR Tennis


Heli Rescue


B-Boy Dance

Breakfast Club

Bumb to Voice

Crouching Spider

Day of Love

Fight’n Fly

Foto Fighter

Full Count Baseball

Gold Teeth Killa Producers



Platform Rush

Puzzle Cats

Snap Happy

The Band Quest

Behind the Scenes of the 2nd IMGA

We all are being entertained by video games for several decades, ever since Pong was introduced to arcades in the early 1970s. Computer and game graphics have become much more sophisticated and nowadays, researchers and engineers are pulling graphics out of your screens and integrating them into real-world environments. This new technology is called augmented reality. Put simply, augmented reality (AR) uses computer-aided graphics to add an additional layer of information to aid understanding and/or interaction with the physical world around you.


2005 Grand Prix Winner AR Tennis was a very exciting experiment using this “new-technology” although it was already used in the early 1990s. It was entirely built by a PhD student, Anders Henrysson with the collaboration of two laboratories: Norrkoping Visualization and Interaction Studio (NVIS) in Linkoping University and the Human Interface Technology Laboratory (HITLAB) located in New Zealand. We cannot find the game on the market anymore unfortunately.


We did reward and nominate several AR games afterwards, such as Kweekies, created by French studio Int13, nominated in the Real World category of the 5th IMGA. The game allowed players to interact with their pets using the embedded camera of their smartphones. The same year, Ghostwire was nominated in the Excellence in Gameplay category. Originally conceived by Tom Söderlund, the game used AR and various scary visual and audio effects to create a casual – adventure game.


In 2010 Souldkbit7’s AR Invaders was nominated in the Real World Game category. The game was using all the features of the Iphone4 to create a complex Sci-Fi game.

Another AR game NBA: King of the Court got nominated in the same category


One year later, NBA: King on the Court got nominated in the same category. Combining a top sports franchise with AR and location-based technologies into a mobile game along with dynamic updates allows real-world synchronization for NBA team events, campaigns and contests, locally and nationally.


Possibilities using this AR might be countless and we for sure haven’t finished hearing from it. During that year and the following we made sure to place augmented reality games on the top because we wanted to highlights the great concepts, designs,


Winner: AR Tennis

1st time the event takes place as IMGA

January 01, 2000
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