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3rd IMGA

The 3RD IMGA took place in 2006. 

Here are all the games awarded that year.

Winners and nominees

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Grand Prix

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Best Use of Flash Award

Crazy Matches

Most Innovative Game

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Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior

Anima Wars

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3D Tilt-A-World

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Mega Monster

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Puzzle Bobble On Line!

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Street Duel


IMO (I on Mobile Online)

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Blades & Magic

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Neopets Mobile


Time Noodle

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Wireless West


Dance Star

Raging Thunder

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Lament Island

Dance Arena


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Tornado Mania!

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Rollercoaster Rush

Behind the Scenes of the 3rd IMGA

In their early years, most mobile games were more or less interesting attempts to make a videogame. A decent, good game at least. If you are used to playing games on PCs or consoles, mobile games would seem ridiculous. It’s like watching a mediocre programme on B&W TV instead of going to the cinema and enjoying a great movie and surround sound. Why would you do such a thing


Back then when GPS chips were massively integrating mobile handsets, we were expecting mobile games to find a whole new area of gameplay to explore and, eventually, find their own identities. You are not going around with your console.


At that time we had been looking at many games, including early experiments such as Botfighters (2001, It’s Alive, Sweden) and Mogi Mogi (2003, C4M, Japan), which we found extremely interesting. So when we found Triangler, I decided to force the jury to play the game, instead of watching a powerpoint presentation. We met in a park in Barcelona on a Saturday before the Mobile World Congress started and the creators of Triangler became our guides and connected us to a team from the Netherlands who was going to play with us. The game was a lot of fun and all jury members were enthusiastic. Everything was filmed by GamerTV, Richard Wilcox.


One year later, in 2007, we decided to launch a new category, the Real World Game category, which contains many diamonds in the rough and great experiments, such as Ghostwire which we already talked about, Meat Space Invasion, City race and many others. Just check out the videos J

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